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Our bike shop is second to none. Well trained mechanics with years of experience both wrenching and riding. Even if you think something is funny just call or come on by and we can help you decide what to do.

Our services and rates include:

Labor Rates

  • Tune-Up - $50
    • Includes wheel truing, adjusting all bearings, removing cables from housings and sizing housings properly, lubing cables in housings, adjusting derailleurs and brakes, lubing all pivot points, torque all hardware.
  • Minor Tune-Up - $30
    • Includes minor wheel truing, adjusting brakes and derailleurs, adjusting any loose bearings, torque hardware, lubing chain.
  • Complete Overhaul - $100 - $130
    • Includes everything in the Tune-Up as well as overhauling all bearings, and cleaning of bike.
  • Wheel Truing - $6 - $15
    • Price depends on the severity of the bend in the wheel.
  • Brake Adjustment - $8 - $12 per brake
    • Includes pad adjustment, cable tension adjustment, and trimming cable housing and lubing if needed.
  • Derailleur Adjustment - $15/Day
    • Includes setting limit screws, adjusting cable tension, trimming cable housing, and lubing cable if needed.

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